Owner and Designer, Amanda Haynie has been in the design field for over 10 years. She graduated in Interior Design, from Louisiana Tech University, in 2006. She immediately began her professional journey in commercial design and transitioned into the residential field, working under well established interior designers. In 2010, she ventured on her own and became the new owner of Milling Around Fabrics in Shreveport, LA. Amanda and her team turned what was once a fabric retail store into a one stop shop, offering full design services as well as custom-made soft goods for your home. In 2018, she was ready to expand and she opened Milling Around’s sister company Made by Milling Around in Austin, TX. Made holds the same concept and values that Milling Around has successfully carried throughout the years, all while adding its own unique Austin Vibe. Haynie is now bring her eclectic modern style to the Austin area and is now accepting new clients.

Made by Milling Around is located in the 26 Doors shopping center on W 38th across from Seton Hospital.